Stellar-eMarketing - The Local SEO Leaders

We’re the guys you call…after you’ve used the other companies…unsuccessfully.

Most of our clients had almost given up on winning at SEO completely – Empty promise after empty promise, one unsuccessful program after another. We hear about it on almost every phone call we get.

Why choose us? We actually do what everyone else has been trying to sell you! Our client retention rate is unheard of in the SEO industry, some of our clients have been with us since we opened our doors! That doesn’t happen by giving out empty promises. Remember: If you’re not seeing results– the job is not getting done.


It’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO – Google, Yahoo, etc.) delivered to companies who only service their local areas. Local SEO is your new phone book listing. If you’re not there, you’re not getting the business that is looking for you.

 What do our clients say?

I initially started to pilot out SEO with Stellar-eMarketing due to their reputation and strong recommendation from a friend. Right off the bat they were helpful and listened to all of our problems and goals. Through Stellar eMarketing’s persistence, consistently staying on top of changes in technology and direct communication to me we started to see results (where we saw little to none before). Without a doubt this was the best decision I’ve made for my marketing.

— A.D.

We are not the other companies you've talked to...

  • We're actual Local SEO Specialists

    We've done Local SEO long before it was even called Local SEO. When you have an eye problem, you go to an eye specialist, not a general physician, right? So why would you hire a generalized SEO company to do your local SEO?

  • We Actually Know Marketing

    We’re not just SEO “geeks”. We’re real Marketing people. We know how to say something real to your client, how to differentiate you from all of your competition. Most people today find their services online. And when they search Google for them they instantly see 30 things, are you standing out? It's key that you’re not only at the top of the search, but that your message cuts through all of your competitor’s messages. It’s not enough to be on the 1st page of Google anymore. Remember that it’s internet marketing, and it IS marketing.

  • We have Amazing Client Retention

    A lot of you who have done SEO hop, one company to the next, hoping to find "that one" company who actually delivers what you're looking for. Think about what it is that you want for a second that they did not deliver that made you switch companies. We do "that".
    We have one of the highest client retention rates we’ve ever heard of for an SEO company. We'll let you figure out why.

  • We get the job done, ethically and competently

    When you hire us for SEO– your websites will grow. Not only that, we maintain them like no other, keeping up and adapting to every new Google Penguin, Panda or whatever future changes come along. We don’t jump ship when the going gets tough. We persist, adapt and maintain. We constantly get new business from SEO companies who jumped ship when the going got tough on their client’s results. A lot of guys can get some rankings up. But getting them up, keeping them up and then dominating is what separates the men from the boys in this game.

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