Niche Marketing

Ever hear the phrase “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”?  In marketing that certainly seems to be the case. Look around at those who you see are successful.  With Doctor’s for example,  who are the ones who drive the 7- Series BMW’s? Probably the specialists – Eye Specialists, Heart Surgeons, etc.  The most successful Lawyers? – they all have their own niche markets. How about generalists…well, look around and find them, see for yourself.  It seems that specialization and finding a niche market is the ticket to success, eh?

So how does this apply to marketing exactly? Let’s say you send out a general message to a broad marketplace. What is the result? Low response rates! Why? You sent out a generalized message that does not communicate anything to anyone.  Teenagers and senior citizens are at two different points in life.  A pregnant mother and business executive have different priorities. The environmentalist may have a different view on the environment than the executive at a big oil company. Ever run into a company that is making millions doing something and you thought to yourself, “I could’ve done that!”  They simply found a niche market. They were probably already in it. My brother told me about a guy who was making over 2 million dollars per year selling Pontiac Fiero parts online. That car hasn’t been in production for almost twenty years! That is niche!

When marketing, if you want bang for your buck, market yourself to a targeted niche audience. Only in getting into a niche will you learn what’s important to them, how to “talk the talk”, who’s in it, what do they do, who are their vendors, competitors, etc. Then you learn exactly what to say to them in your marketing pieces and true communication will occur.

There’s is a tendency to scatter your promotion and take what you can get when business gets thin. But avoid this wherever possible. Find a niche. Learn about it, study it in all aspects. Become a professional and then dominate it. If business is getting thin, market more and deeper into that same niche.

If you find the situation where your niche industry is dying, then you have to get busy studying and preparing to take on a new one. Foresight is always a key thing in business anyways. Foresight being 20/20 is probably more lucrative than hindsight being 20/20.  Predict!  Avoid becoming the pack of rats in the burning building. You tend to waste more time and money acting like that than you would make back as a result.  As far as niche marketing from your SEO company– it is even more important how the search engines are seeing you compared to 30 other competitors all at once.


Dan York, Founder 

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc. 

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