WHY SEO DOESN’T WORK: A Q&A about Discount Internet Marketing & In-House SEO


A Q&A about Discount Internet Marketing & In-House SEO

            I’ve written another article about keeping your SEO in-house or outsourcing it. You can read that here: In House SEO?

I want to build on that and tackle another subject of why your SEO didn’t work. But let’s recap some of in-house or outsourced SEO:

  • Hiring a full-time person for your internet marketing will cost from 35-125k annually. You can outsource for a fraction and get the same or better work. Unless you’ve got a million dollar budget, you should opt to outsource.
  • If you are doing your own SEO, Mr. President or CEO- stop it. Do what you do best- run your business. Your time is WAY too valuable to be tinkering in jargon, opinions and forums. Outsource it to a pro firm whose full-time job it is to keep up with the industry, which you would never have to time to research or execute. Hire a firm- but hire a good one. You’ll see if you’ve got one by the results. And I don’t just mean rankings…I mean ROI.

So, why didn’t your SEO work? What is the secret get-rich-quick-scheme? What piece of info about SEO will put me on Page 1 overnight?

Q: Why didn’t my SEO provider get me a result? I.e., calls and business?

A: 2 reasons: They don’t know how to do it; or they did not do the work. Sad truth. Just like in any other business, the fly-by-night companies die, and only the real service providers survive.

Q: So, you’re saying that only good, honest, hard work gets a result? Even on the internet?

A: Yep.

Q: What is the big, super-secret way for me to instantly dominate the internet overnight, like the savvy salesmen tell me I can on the sales calls I get 10 times a day?

A: I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no get rich quick scheme in internet marketing. As above, it takes real, honest work, and well-thought and executed strategy. The marketing laws of 20 years ago, apply today. The internet did not change the rules. Plus, anyone who thinks they are going to “outsmart” Google is fooling themselves (unless you can afford the 150k per year hotshot). Be careful who you hire and watch out for being sold a “bill-of-goods.” You don’t want your site blacklisted. You’ve gotta be smart, ethical, and play the game. “Quickies” and shortcuts do not work…and beware the salesmen of those.

Q: Why should I pay the hundreds or thousands that other internet marketing companies are charging, when I know a discount firm or phonebook who says they can do SEO for me for $50-100 per month?

A: It’s just like anything else- You get what you pay for. How much time do you think you are going to buy from someone for $50 a month?

I got a call once about a company who had a 3 Million Dollar SEO SOFTWARE TO END ALL SEO SOFTWARE!

I’ll bet. I actually got that call and I don’t buy it for a second. It’s Magic Snake Oil. And even if it did work, it would be outdated in weeks or months…it is still not a thinking human being with a good marketing strategy.

You aren’t going to get actual humans to do your work for cut rates. You’re going to get crappy software, overseas shortcuts, laziness and no results. I know it because I have heard hundreds of horror stories. You don’t even have to believe me- go ahead and try it and find out for yourself. But hopefully you’ll give me some credence and let me save you some time and money. Again, if you want real expertise, real work, and real results- meaning phone calls, sales, and customers- then you are probably going to have to pay for it.

Q: Will it be worth it?

A: If you find the right company- yes. There are a lot of very good companies out there who care for their customers, are very smart and deliver a great service. And yes, some charge hundreds and thousands for their service. But, just like hiring an A-List lawyer when your butt is on the line, it’s probably worth the money.

Dan York, Founder


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