What can I do to help my SEO?

We’re often asked by our customers, once they’ve signed up with us, “What can I do as the business owner to help speed up my SEO?”

This is an excellent question to ask.

Probably the aspect of this I would have most people focus in on is, “What should I NOT do to inhibit the results of the SEO results my SEO company is getting for me.” We’ll cover both sides.


Let’s start with the simple DO’s:

– DO Persist at SEO, be in it for the long haul. Short-term SEO is like short-term investing, it can be done but it’s a gamble.

– Do coordinate any websites changes you and your web developer are doing.

– Do keep in good communication with us.

– Do let your SEO company know about every change you think might change the SEO results, especially any changes in address, phone number, service offerings, etc.



– DO NOT listen to every SEO sales person’s sales pitch. If they say anything like, ” Your SEO company sucks/is scamming you because they aren’t doing…” they are tacky sales people that don’t know what they’re talking about. Sure, there are some bad SEO companies, but about 50% of the unsuccessful SEO programs that I see are due to a failure to persist with the company that the client had in the 1st place. And usually because they were sold away by a tacky sales guy saying things he isn’t qualified to comment on in the 1st place.

– DO NOT embark on getting your own backlinks. Backlinking (getting links from other websites to point at your website) has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and most of the data on the net about backlinking is out-dated, but still published.  Some of the most damaging things we’ve had clients do on their own was getting their own backlinks, simply trying to help.  It can completely destroy an SEO program.

– DO NOT make major changes to your website’s content without coordinating with your SEO company. You can completely wipe out any successful results you have unknowingly.

– DO NOT TINKER. This is what we call it someone is constantly messing around on the website seeing what does what in Google. This is a major problem. First, you’ll never be able to tell what impacted what positively this way. Next, the frequent changing from one thing to the next will never have a great impact on your results in Google, they can never latch onto what you want to rank for.

-DO NOT do full website redesigns without coordinating this with your SEO company. Now, this sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times people launch  a brand-new site without coordinating anything with their SEO company and all of their results get damaged. When doing a new site launch, it takes planning and launch coordination so that your SEO results transfer successfully from one site to next mitigating as many negative drops as possible.


In short, keep communication in! This solves 95% of all negative things that can happen on both sides.



Dan York

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