Failed Marketing and Consistency of Marketing

I see a lot of failures in Marketing, and not just with internet marketing.  It could be in generating referrals, networking, postcards, Valuepack Coupons, etc. I get to talk to those who have these failures.  Here’s what they say, “it didn’t work for me” or “I wasted my money” or “no one uses it” or many other things that are all, frankly, wrong. These things work for others, why not you?


So, your marketing program didn’t work? What happened? Well, it could be a lot of things. But I’ll tell you the #1 thing it most likely is: You were not consistent enough.


Did you know in the sales world, it is a well-known fact that 80% of all sales are made on the 5th-12th contact with the prospect?  Most sales people are losing 80% of their sales simply by not being consistent and persistent! A majority of sales people make 1-2 contacts, then give up, and become sub-par sales people. The same principal applies in marketing.

We’ve marketed to people for years before they ever call us. They call us and say, “You know, I’ve seen you guys in Cleanfax, I get your emails and for years I see you online, but just decided to call you…finally.” It goes to show you that it takes persistence and consistency to actually win at marketing your company. The killer for you is this: an “on-again-off-again approach.” I know all of the reasons why you do this, I’ve heard them all over the last 10 years. And none of them matter. You know why? Because all of them hurt your marketing consistency and thereby destroy your marketing results, in short, your ROI.


So you want more business? You want more phone calls? You want more people getting your website and calling you from your website? Want more contacts referring you business? Keep consistent. If you know anyone running a business doing millions plus, ask them, you’ll see how much work goes into it…consistently. There is no on-again-off-again approaches by these guys, that is why they got so big.  I can prove it over and over. I know guys that say that radio doesn’t work for them these days. And being in the business I am, internet, I am inclined to agree…except that I personally know guys that kill it using radio. I know guys that have, consistently, been using radio in their local cities for years. And what is the result? Locally, they are known just as well as the big franchise operations who *surprise* are household names because of the consistency of their marketing.


Heed my words on this! They are based on lots and lots of experience in marketing. It takes a long time to learn a lesson. Reading a good lesson and doing it can save you a lot of time!




Dan York

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