Are You Running Your Company on “Herd Mentality?”

Well, are you?

Let’s first look at what what Herd Mentality is:

Herd Mentality is when you act the same way as the people around you, ignoring your feelings or observations of facts in the process.

In other words you’re REACTING. You don’t think, you don’t observe, you’re REACTING.  


Definition of Herd Mentally


Anyone who’s been successful knows that “reactive” activities are usually losing ones.  Ask a successful executive, “Are your decisions hard or easy?” They always say “hard.”  Herd Mentality is easy – It’s being a yes man, being popular by agreeing, it’s being the “people pleaser”.  A real executive has to make tough decisions based on observations others don’t see.  They can be unpopular decisions, but they have to be done and they hopefully result in some new success.  


So how do people get you to react?  Selling FEAR is a big one.  Watch the news or social media for 5 minutes, you’ll see enough fear-driven media in that 5 minutes to alter your thoughts on something.   Someone is working very hard to get you to DO something based off a knee-jerk reaction to their fear-based content. They don’t want you to use rational observation or intelligent thought.


So why am I, the Founder of a Marketing company, talking about reacting to fear and herd mentalities? Because I see lots of good companies hurt by it every month. 


Here’s an all too typical example: One of our clients gets a call from another marketing company that wants their business.  Fair enough, right?  More power to them.  But then they open up a FEAR-based sales pitch on them.  I call it the “Your-company-sucks-and-we’re awesome” pitch.  They show you how “bad” everything is using words and concepts you don’t understand and then highly generalize how bad things are.  You’ve all heard this pitch. Why are they using it?  Fear.  They’re trying to get you to REACT…”something might be wrong” or your “Marketing company is screwing you.”  It’s a fear-based, reactive selling process. It’s HERD MENTALITY. 


I think we can all agree at this point that Herd Mentality is a loser. So let’s be the opposite of a herd – Let’s look at things personally, look at the numbers, know what you DO know and know what you DON’T know, trust your gut on people, trust your instincts on what to do, persist, be consistent, those all create success. 


So what should you do now? 


Well, like anyone else, we want your business too.  But we want it this way: 

  • We want a real relationship with you.
  • We want to work through and persist through your problems and wins together, like a real team. 
  • We want to be your trusted advisor, a real long-term PARTNER of yours.
  • We consider your success, our success.
  • We don’t want you to be the Herd, but your market dominator.


There’s no fear-based bullshit in there.  


So, what kind of partners do you want to work with? 



Dan York 

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