In-house SEO – Use an SEO Company or In-House it?

A well known phrase in the business world is, “The most expensive dollar you’ll ever “save” is the dollar you don’t make.”

Business owners should save money, I do…but on the right things.

You didn’t want to buy Bitcoin at $400 because it was too expensive? Well it’s now between $40k & $60k. You “saved” $400.

Maybe you wanted to buy a Rolex, perhaps the model called the Daytona a few years ago, but it was $12k! Three years later it is selling for $45k.  You “saved” $12k.


See? “The most expensive dollar you’ll ever “save” is the dollar you don’t make.


in house SEO

Taking your SEO in-house is the same.  Sure, you might “save” $1,500 a month or whatever you pay, so you save $18k per year! But at what REAL cost? In-housing it, unless you’re a big franchise group, doesn’t make any sense.


With an SEO specialized company like us, it’s all we do. We’ve seen every Google change. We keep up with it every day. We’ve managed thousands of SEO programs. All day, every all week, all year, for decades.


No generalist internet marketer or in-house person can compete. They don’t have the time, nor focused effort and study needed nor the volume of management of SEO programs needed to do so.  That is why the entire internet marketing world is so niche and specialized now. It didn’t occur by accident.


But if you do want to in-house-it, let’s consider some factors to see whether it makes sense or not:


1.Do you need a full time SEO?

Usually you’ll find large companies with many franchise locations will have an in-house SEO person. This may make sense for them. For small companies it never makes sense.  Do you have a full time Lawyer? Accountant? Why not? Same concept.  If you’re big enough to have a full-time lawyer or accountant, then maybe you should have a in-house SEO.


2.The Cost of an SEO person.

Salaries of SEO people coming out of college start around $35k per year while experienced professionals range from about $50k-$150k.

Compare getting the cheapest person you can – a kid out of college for $35,000 per year to an entire specialized team who’s made hundreds of millions of dollars in SEO revenues for its clients…costing you $12,000 or $15,000 per year.

Which one is more expensive?


3.Can a generalist compete?

Most in-house Internet marketers are generalists. They know a little bit about everything. Jack’s of All Trades.

If you have an eye problem, do you go see a general practitioner? If your tooth hurts, who do you go to? The specialist, obviously. No generalist Internet marketer can compete with a specialist.

I think you get my point.


Our job is to advise you in the BEST possible direction.


Dan York, Founder 
Stellar-eMarketing, Inc. 

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