What’s the #1 Internet Marketing Activity You Should Do During a Recession?

I’ve been through 3 recessions now in my career.

Rewind to 30 years ago, where’s the 1st place you’d put your business so customers could find you? The Yellow Pages! And you’d be competitive by changing your name to “AAA Service Company” or by buying a half a page ad for $50,000 a year. Something like that.

The funny thing is that the psychology of how customers find you hasn’t changed. Only the route which they find you changed. Well, what’s that today? It’s Google. It’s Google Maps.

These days are much more confusing for you due to the number of different services that you’re offered to get new clients with, and with all the new terminology and technology, it’s tough to be in your shoes. But, it can be simplified down to what I say above.

So, here we are, staring down the barrel of another recession and super-high inflation. Your marketing budget has to be tighter. You can’t waste money on things that don’t get you a return on your budget spend, so what should you do? Well, if Google is the new Yellow Pages, how do you buy into it? What is that service?

It’s SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

Some business owners have it in their heads that SEO is an optional activity. It isn’t – it’s as optional as the phonebook was for you 30 years ago.

So, the only thing you need to consider now is who you use and why you use them. This is especially true considering that this industry is similar to construction, where for every 25 SEO companies you talk to, you might bump into one or two that actually knows how to generate revenue.

A big part of your problem with SEO is you, believe it or not. You hop from one company to another and another every 3 to 6 months, calling them all worthless, and then you say “SEO doesn’t work” or “that company sucked.” Maybe they did and maybe you were right. Stop company hopping. This not only is killing your “phonebook presence in Google,” but you’re also cutting your company’s revenues by sometimes astronomical amounts.

It takes time. It takes patience on your part. It takes a good strategy well executed. It’s a long-term game. Sometimes 3 to 6 months is not enough time. I have a guy we’ve worked with for years, it took us a year to get them their 1st phone call, but now they generate $40-$60k per month.

So, let’s get through another recession. Our clients survived the 2008, 09 recession just fine, some having their highest ever years.


Dan York, Founder
Stellar-eMarketing, LLC

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