About Us

A Message from the Founder

“If you don’t understand the tenets and laws of Marketing and PR, you won’t fully understand SEO and it’s impacts, no matter how good of a technician you are. Me and my team are real-world marketing & PR experts.  

Why does that matter?

Because we understand the customers, their behavior and why they’ll choose you over your competitor. In short, we get your programs to convert better, faster and more consistently. 

So call the other companies first, or better yet, use them. Then come to us.  You won’t need a sales pitch to tell the difference.

Promises about “overnight, magical results” in a sales call may get a foot in the door, but consistently winning the long-term race like we do is what separates the boys from the men.”

Dan York, Founder & CEO
Stellar-eMarketing, Inc

From Our Customers

I would like to thank Dan York and their team of pros who have helped make our long-sought SEO hopes a reality. THANK YOU! We are 100% pleased with the results, and we’re very excited to see the increasingly high-level results expand to bring in even more revenue to our company. Great job, Stellar team!

— R.C.

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