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  • How to Recover from Bad Google Reviews

    If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll know this fact: You could have 100 happy clients and 1 bad one, but that bad one is the one who will go and spread bad reviews all over the internet about you while the good ones don’t do anything. It is what it is. We can […]

  • Why Am I Not Getting Any New Business From the Internet?

    Why Am I Not Getting Any New Business From the Internet? Too often I’ll see business owners cut their own throats for the lack of this information, so pay attention. This is a question we are frequently asked (Luckily it is far less complex than it looks). Internet Marketing is a specialty, which is why […]

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Even though internet marketing is now quite old, some of our clients still ask us, “What is SEO?” It’s simple. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. A Search Engine is like Google, Yahoo or Bing. It’s where you go online to search for whatever it is you’re looking for. […]

  • Why Should I Use SEO?

    Why Should I Use SEO? Every year people ask me why they should be using Search Engine Optimization. My answer is always the same– that’s where your new customers are looking for you! I’ve seen a lot of marketing trends come and go from SMS Marketing (text-message marketing) all the way back to Fax Broadcasting […]

  • So you’ve been burned by SEO companies…..again

    Yes, it is an unfortunate truth that there are some… “not so great” service providers in the SEO world. What you have to know is that good SEO works. You’ve been burned, possibly several times and finally concluded that SEO and internet marketing is a racket. But it is not true. The concept is that […]

  • Stellar-eMarketing gets a tip of the hat from SEOmoz

    We had a little surprise earlier this week… SEOmoz, a highly respected authority in SEO, conducted a nationwide survey unbeknownst to us or anyone else. Stellar-eMarketing ended up ranking in the top five nationwide as being one of the most actionable and ethical SEO companies in their survey (nearly 100 companies)! This is a great tip […]

  • The fastest way to grow your business – Get rid of the poison in it

    Expanding a business can seem like mysticism to some. Some are great at it, some aren’t. But why? Let’s get the obvious factors out of the way: Do a good job, have good customer service and value your customers, work hard, market and advertise a lot, be a professional. If you’re not even there yet, […]

  • WHY SEO DOESN’T WORK: A Q&A about Discount Internet Marketing & In-House SEO

    WHY SEO DOESN’T WORK: A Q&A about Discount Internet Marketing & In-House SEO             I’ve written another article about keeping your SEO in-house or outsourcing it. You can read that here: In House SEO? I want to build on that and tackle another subject of why your SEO didn’t work. But let’s recap some of […]

  • Slow Economy Marketing – Don’t Seal Your Fate

    Hey all, Being in marketing, I’m in the privileged position to see & hear what is happening in companies of various sizes all over the world. Since the big stock market crash, I’ve heard a lot of people blaming the economy for their demise, or hardships – as have you.  Most of us know that this is falling victim to media […]


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