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  • What can I do to help my SEO?

    We’re often asked by our customers, once they’ve signed up with us, “What can I do as the business owner to help speed up my SEO?” This is an excellent question to ask. Probably the aspect of this I would have most people focus in on is, “What should I NOT do to inhibit the […]

  • The actual cost of discount and cheap SEO

    It’s common in our business to hear people say, “we’ve found a cheaper SEO company” or “such and such company will do it for half of what you charge.”  When people say this to us, we don’t fight them on it, we just educate them. The first question we have to ask is, “Will they […]

  • How Do I Get More Google Reviews For My Business?

    Anyone who has been in business for a long time knows this fact: Your satisfied clients rarely (without prompting) write positive reviews about your business, but that one nasty client who you probably shouldn’t have sold in the first place, he’ll slam you all over every review site he can, starting with leaving a good […]

  • The Grim Future of Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

    In order to survive in the business world you have to be able to predict the future to some degree, or at least look once in a while. This absolutely must be applied to our marketing efforts if we’re to survive long into the future. Fact: Marketing methods and mediums will change.  We must face […]

  • How to Recover from Bad Google Reviews

    If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll know this fact: You could have 100 happy clients and 1 bad one, but that bad one is the one who will go and spread bad reviews all over the internet about you while the good ones don’t do anything. It is what it is. We can […]

  • Why Am I Not Getting Any New Business From the Internet?

    Why Am I Not Getting Any New Business From the Internet? Too often I’ll see business owners cut their own throats for the lack of this information, so pay attention. This is a question we are frequently asked (Luckily it is far less complex than it looks). Internet Marketing is a specialty, which is why […]

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Even though internet marketing is now quite old, some of our clients still ask us, “What is SEO?” It’s simple. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. A Search Engine is like Google, Yahoo or Bing. It’s where you go online to search for whatever it is you’re looking for. […]

  • Why Should I Use SEO?

    Why Should I Use SEO? Every year people ask me why they should be using Search Engine Optimization. My answer is always the same– that’s where your new customers are looking for you! I’ve seen a lot of marketing trends come and go from SMS Marketing (text-message marketing) all the way back to Fax Broadcasting […]

  • So you’ve been burned by SEO companies…..again

    Yes, it is an unfortunate truth that there are some… “not so great” service providers in the SEO world. What you have to know is that good SEO works. You’ve been burned, possibly several times and finally concluded that SEO and internet marketing is a racket. But it is not true. The concept is that […]


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