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  • Stellar-eMarketing gets a tip of the hat from SEOmoz

    We had a little surprise earlier this week… SEOmoz, a highly respected authority in SEO, conducted a nationwide survey unbeknownst to us or anyone else. Stellar-eMarketing ended up ranking in the top five nationwide as being one of the most actionable and ethical SEO companies in their survey (nearly 100 companies)! This is a great tip […]

  • The fastest way to grow your business – Get rid of the poison in it

    Expanding a business can seem like mysticism to some. Some are great at it, some aren’t. But why? Let’s get the obvious factors out of the way: Do a good job, have good customer service and value your customers, work hard, market and advertise a lot, be a professional. If you’re not even there yet, […]

  • WHY SEO DOESN’T WORK: A Q&A about Discount Internet Marketing & In-House SEO

    WHY SEO DOESN’T WORK: A Q&A about Discount Internet Marketing & In-House SEO             I’ve written another article about keeping your SEO in-house or outsourcing it. You can read that here: In House SEO? I want to build on that and tackle another subject of why your SEO didn’t work. But let’s recap some of […]

  • Slow Economy Marketing – Don’t Seal Your Fate

    Hey all, Being in marketing, I’m in the privileged position to see & hear what is happening in companies of various sizes all over the world. Since the big stock market crash, I’ve heard a lot of people blaming the economy for their demise, or hardships – as have you.  Most of us know that this is falling victim to media […]

  • The What, How and Why of SEO

    Assuming you’ve decided to start a Search Engine Optimization program, you should understand what it is, why you need it, and how to choose the right company:  The What First, let’s understand what we’re signing up for: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply getting found and ranked highly in the search engines- those being Google, […]

  • Marketing Strategy Planning

    Hello everyone, Let’s get into a quick bit about creating your company’s marketing strategy and where to use your budget. When you first start to discuss where you want to go with your marketing, forget talking about SEO, Social Media, print and all the other mediums out there. That will come in time, but after the […]

  • 10 Rules for Success in Business

    In business communities that I’m a part of, it’s a common subject to exchange our successful business practices, habits and routines.  After years of trial and error for a lot of us entrepreneurs, we find that we end up learning the same lessons and doing the same things.  Now, as with any business or service, […]

  • Niche Marketing

    Ever hear the phrase “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”?  In marketing that certainly seems to be the case. Look around at those who you see are successful.  With Doctor’s for example,  who are the ones who drive the 7- Series BMW’s? Probably the specialists – Eye Specialists, Heart Surgeons, etc.  The most successful Lawyers? – […]

  • Definition of Noise in Marketing

    So, what does “Noise” mean in the marketing world? Let us have a look… Noise: Confusion caused by too many messages trying to be delivered at one time. You could almost group that in with the slang definition of Noise: “empty talk; nonsense” because that is what the public do with your message if you can’t break […]


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